INDIA and the Scientific Invention and Discoveries:

This was our past:

We (in the sense our ancestors) are the proud possessors of Ayurveda, Yoga, artificer of concept of zero, pioneers of Astronomy calculation methods etc., which are the greatest contribution to the science and the welfare of mankind.

This is our present situation:

We are one on the top in the field of improving IT, Medical, manufacturing, business as well as consuming the advanced scientific products, But our contribution to the modern science invention is absolutely nil.

What about our future in the field of science?

India’s first national science survey 2006 says:


Our Prime Minister in Rajya sabha (11th March 2005) said:

The quality of our school system requires a sea change. In particular, in our system, the teaching of science and mathematics requires a fresh look. Further he added, in universities, I think, the number of students who ought to be going for science subject is not as large as it ought to be.

As we all know what is our president’s call out for science and technology, it does not need any special note.

Can you imagine what is going to happen if the children do not interest in science and the collages and universities of science with less students?

Can India become super power without science?

Can India become self sufficient without science?

Will imitating or working hard alone make our country the richest?


Why our children/students loosing interest on science?

Science and Mathematics are the most interesting subjects of all; unfortunately they are the most feared ones among many children now days.

Why they are most feared?

Science should be learned by doing especially at the primary stage.

But, our learning system is too theoretical then practical or we may say that we have been accustomed to more theoretical than practical.

The scientist and experts says;

Fundamental science has a vital role to play in the process of innovation. In today’s competitive world, it is as important as it has ever been.

Science experiments, at the primary level are more important as well as in the

advance stage. Because creating interest on any subject is quite easy at this stage.

In conclusion, we could summarize that the children can not feel science without doing science experiments;

Here again the question arises why it is not been done so far;

Though the government is doing a lot to promote science education in the higher level, the question of reaching out the small and needy of the villages is a question. Remember we are the country of the villages. More than 70 % of the people are living in the villages. We need science inventions for the villages.

The following reasons also to be considered;

With the limitation of human resources and facilities, how far our teachers in the villages could do practical science teaching?!

Many teachers feel that the science experiments would be more expensive, more difficult, and not safe for the primary level kids and so on. (Which is not true in many cases; All over the world, people involved in the promotion of science education have contributed hundreds of simple, inexpensive, safest but most interesting science experiments for children which astonish the adults too.)

Lastly but most importantly, we, as the parents needs to play a crucial role in bringing up our children not only for learning science but for overall development of our future generation.

Before going further please think and evaluate your self on the following questions;

Do we encourage our children to think and reason rather than memorize?

Do we help our children to become creative rather than imitative?

Do we educate them to think scientifically rather than conventionally?

Do we assist them to become what they want to be rather than what they should be as we desire?

Do we prepare them to ask question rather than answer a question or keep quite?

Do we teach them to think of others and to share rather than selfishness?

Do we practice what we preach rather than expect only others to be perfect?

We do hope that you would have understood what we want to say. Yes, it is everyone’s responsibility and we should begin with us and than educate others;


Let’s join together to make our nation innovative. Together we can make a difference

Now let’s tell us what we as one of the responsible citizens of this country is helping to improve the situation.

Feeling the important of the issue and having confident that we could do something to improve the situation at least, in the area where we live; we have started This MOVEMENT Called  O See Foundation

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