Matchbox Rider

Materiel Required :All you need is an empty match box and tools to make holes on it.

How to do? :


nan0003   Make four holes on the matchbox two on the drawer and two on the strike surfaces. Take a needle with a 1.5 meter long string. Poke the needle from the strike surface hole into the drawer hole.

Thread the needle through the other holes too. Now tie the two ends of the thread to complete the mechanism. Hold the string in both hands. Turn and twist the left hand. The matchbox will travel on the string track towards your left hand.

You can stick the picture of a rabbit on the matchbox and enjoy the rabbit hop at your fingertips. The mechanism moves only in one direction and you will have to bring it back once it reaches the left-hand end. Hang the left string loop of the mechanism byu a nail and stick a cutout of  a lizard on it. On pulling the left and right string alternately, the lizard will slowly climb up. This toy is based on friction.


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